A tough year

It’s been a tough year for many people in our community. Coronavirus has made its impact felt in different ways and the flow on effects will be felt for many months to come.

We’re keen to help out in any way we can.

There are many reasons you might want to connect with us.

We’re here if you need to chat with someone.

We’re here if you’re looking to make new friends or meet people.

We’re here if you’re thinking it’s time to get back to church.

We’re here if you want your kids to learn about God.

We’re here if you have questions about life.

We’re here if you’ve got doubts to air.

It’s been a tough year.

We’d love to listen to your story and introduce you to the good news of Jesus.

You’re really welcome to join us as we start weekly gatherings in January.

Get in touch with us.

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