Who is a God like you?

Who is a God like you?

The answer to that question is…nobody! nothing! noone!

This is the question which the prophet poses at the end of the little known book of Micah (7:18). Bruce Waltke points out in his commentary, Micah’s own name means “Who is like Yah?” Micah’s own name is a testimony to his parent’s faith in the one, true, and living God. God is incomparable. His name is to be praised above all others, false gods, idols and pretenders. The desire for the praise of God above all others runs through the book which bears his name. It culminates in these words in the final chapter:

“Who is a God like you, forgiving iniquity and passing over rebellion for the remnant of his inheritance? He does not hold on to his anger forever because he delights in his faithful love.” Micah 7:18

It’s my prayer that God would be praised through our little, feeble efforts in our part of the world. He has has delighted in passing over and forgiving our sins in the Lord Jesus. What good news! There is no one like him! People in Tassie need to know this God.

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