Jesus is the most significant figure in history. And he makes some incredible claims about who he is which impact our lives today and for the future.

We’d love to help you explore who Jesus is. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more.

Who is Jesus?

No matter what you think about Jesus, it’s pretty hard to deny the influence that he’s had and continues to have. Millions of people from many backgrounds and nationalities, for two thousand years, call themselves Christians believing that Jesus is the Christ (God’s messiah/king).

Jesus has had a huge impact on different parts of our culture, even here in Tassie. He’s influenced language, science, art, law, and how we view right and wrong. Everywhere you look in Australia there are old and new church buildings.

The Bible, which is all about Jesus, is the highest selling book in all of history. As Christians we believe that he’s God in the flesh, King over everything, and our only hope in life and death (and so much more). For all these reasons, we believe that he’s someone that everyone ought take the time to investigate.

Here is a great little video which explores the question ‘Who is Jesus?’


We call our church ‘Grace Church’ because Jesus is all about grace. Grace tells us what we’re like as people: we’re people who’ve turned away from the God who made us. Grace also tells us about God: He loves and saves his people regardless of who we and what we’ve done. The good news of Jesus is all about God’s amazing kindness in saving us when we couldn’t save ourselves. Grace isn’t owed, nor negotiated, but a free gift in Jesus.

Want to find out more?

We’d love to have a friendly conversation about Jesus with you. We welcome any questions or doubts you might have. We welcome anyone, no matter your religious background, your views on different issues, if you’re a non religious person, or consider yourself a spiritual person.

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