Review: Keith and Kristyn Getty – Evensong

Keith and Kristyn Getty’s new studio album ‘Evensong’ is an absolute delight. It’s a collection of reimagined hymns, lullabies, and new music. A version of Andrew Peterson’s “Is he Worthy?” is a standout with children singing the response. My personal favourite is “The Lord is in His Holy Temple” using the words of Habakkuk. The Getty’s have stepped up their instrumentation to another level, it’s outstanding. My daughter fell asleep listening to this album of christian lullabies, and what a privilege to finish a day with this music.

Check out their website here.

As we pray and work toward the planting of the new church here in Launceston, we want our hearts and lips to be singing the praises of God! What a joy it is to sing to our Rock and Redeemer!

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