One month!

We’re about 1 month into the church plant (give or take). Our church plant team has been meeting together each week on a Sunday. It’s wonderful to see how we’re beginning to gel together. I love the way everyone approaches how we read the Bible, we take it seriously and think deeply about how God’s word applies to our lives. We’ve been going through the book of Ephesians, one section at a time. We’ve been blessed by God through this week by week study of the scripture together.

While we’ve been really enjoying meeting at 10am on Sundays, we’re going to test out a new time. From next Sunday we’re going to try a 3pm start for several weeks. Maybe this new time suits you? If you’re interested in checking out this new church, to learn about our plans for the future and our prayers for Launnie, why not reach out to us?

We’re only in the early phase of this church plant. There are a whole bunch of things planned for the rest of the year (including a ‘public launch’). We would love it if you could pray for us as we walk the slow, steady, but exciting, path of church planting in a people and place which needs to hear about Jesus.

God bless,


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